Just hear me out.

Now that I've got your attention, lets talk about what makes Adobe Experience Design great.

The simplicity!

Everything you see is pretty much what you get (and thats all you really need). XD doesn't hide it's tools in a tonne of menus and tabs. There are no useless tools or even seldomly used ones here, they are all useful and relevent.

Look at this, just look:

Adobe XD's beautifully simple prototyping app.

The pen tool!

Oh boy, let me tell you about my favourite thing about XD. The pen tool. The pen tool is so simple to use compared to the likes of Illustrator. The points are easy to grab, they are much larger and clearer to see, the paths are simple to edit, they are is to line up with XD's rulers and its just so smooth. (maybe write more)

The colour dropper tool!

Every colour dropper should be built exactly like XD's. You can use the dropper outside of the XD window, you can switch between HEX and RBG within the dropper, you can save your swatches inside the dropper, you can change the opacity of the colour instead of just the object and the hex value is already highlighted when you open it which makes for easy copying and pasting. Theres so much useful functionality in one click and they arent just text options.

The text tool!

The text for XD has been kept simple, and whats great is that all the option for text are kept together on the right panel with only the important text options. Having the ability to drag the text box and make the text larger is brilliant and so easy, the fonts are easy to locate and by having the text box selected to change the text options and fonts is awesome (looking at you InDesign - whats up with that?).

Publishing prototypes!

Prototypes are so realistic you need a disclaimer when showing them to your clients.

Having prototypes that clients can interact with helps a lot when showing them their website mockups. They can see how the website flows with links and buttons to their respective pages. The new auto-animate feature allows you to easily create prototypes with immersive animated transitions which for just a prototype is really clever.


Adobe XD just released plugins in their latest update. This is a great step moving forward although a lot of the plugins need subscriptions and not all of them are useful, in time there will be greater plugins to increase productivity and add handy features to the already great app. The plugins also sit inside the menu bar which keeps the workspace nice and clean.

It's Free!

Thats right, free! Ever since its release early last year. Gotta love freebies.

What do I use XD for?

I'm glad you asked, I use Adobe XD to design almost everything I do here at Fat Fox Creative Agency such as:

  • Logos
  • Websites
  • Vector artwork and graphics
  • Icons
  • Flyers / brochures
  • Business cards
  • Web apps
  • Mobile apps
  • Video game graphics
  • Workflows / diagrams

Of course I still have to use other Adobe apps to finish off things for print like changing colours to CMYK and adding bleed but this only takes a few minutes.

The future of XD

With the addition of plugins, and the features they keep adding, Adobe XD will continue to be the best design tool on the market.

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